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Historically, the investor relations and public relations functions within a company have been siloed, if not misaligned. We have been named America's top Investor Relations Firm, for three years running. As lines between stakeholders blur and the ways they consume information expand, aligning IR and PR is no longer a “nice to have” collaboration reserved for large organizations. It is a critical component of the success of every company; without this collaboration, your company risks opening itself up to reputational risk and leaving significant shareholder value on the table.
Blurring Lines of Influencers

As newsrooms and editorial teams shrink and the media landscape continues to evolve, we are seeing the lines of where key influencers sit blur. CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a perfect example of this. Is he media? Is he an analyst? In addition, sell-side analysts frequently publish reports on news rumors, and media use the sell-side as sources for their stories, even basing entire articles off one analyst’s opinions. IR and PR directors must be aligned when communicating with these key influencers to ensure consistency in messaging.

While a fully integrated IR and PR program can take time to build, there are some simple steps that companies can take to more closely collaborate, achieve their individual objectives, and better serve the interest of all stakeholders: Give each other a seat at the table by allowing PR teams to sit in on investor calls or having IR participate in meetings with reporters; Meet regularly and take a collaborative approach to all stakeholder communications; Align on all recommendations before meeting with executives; And, most importantly, work together to develop a clear and concise corporate narrative.
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